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Steeped in history: Kitty Leaken’s "Tea Scrolls & Ceremony"

Paul Weideman Jul 7, 2017 Updated Jul 7, 2017

For her newest photographic project, Kitty Leaken is using a thoroughly organic toning process for a series of still lifes. She soaks the images, which she prints on photo canvas, in tea. “I’m working on this right now,” she said on a recent afternoon. “I’m steeping these prints in tea. It’s so cool. I’m using different teas for different prints. I did the first piece in Tibetan lavender. And I’m using the same dose and the same steeping time that I drink.”

The gallery was not open a week when Amy Davis, fashion columnist for the Santa Fe Reporter, strolled in and fell in love with the space and everything in it. Click on the link to check out what she had to say.

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